Do You Really Know Beto O’Rourke?

Beto is just another radical liberal politician. He thinks we should “open up the border” between Texas and Mexico.1 Says no to additional resources for Texas law enforcement officers2 but says yes to taxpayer-funded healthcare and lawyers for illegal immigrants.3 He has used his government positions to make a quick buck 4 and even tried to influence a federal judge when one of his campaign donors stole $250 million.5 Beto is simply too liberal for Texas.6 Texans deserve the truth about Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke.

Beto: A Nancy Pelosi Liberal

Voted With Nancy Pelosi 94 Percent of Time

Beto has a liberal record in Congress, supporting Nancy Pelosi for Speaker and voting for her agenda 94 percent of the time. Beto sees eye-to-eye with Washington liberals and won’t defend Texas values in the Senate.16

Supports Bernie Sanders’ Government-Run Healthcare

Beto supports Bernie Sanders’ plan to radically transform Americans’ health care into a completely government-controlled system, including taxpayer-funded bailouts to some of the country’s largest health insurance corporations.17

Pushes Liberal Gun Control Agenda

Beto supports a liberal gun control agenda that violates the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners. He even said recently that he wants to ban the most popular rifle in America.18

Says Will Vote to Impeach Trump

Beto is so partisan that he’s already said he will vote to impeach President Trump even though he has seen no evidence tied to articles of impeachment.19

Your Border Security at Risk

Says There’s “No Border Crisis”

Border crisis? Beto doesn’t think so. He said “there is no border crisis”7 and he even VOTED AGAINST providing much-needed resources for Texas law enforcement officers who defend our neighborhoods from crime and violence along the Texas-Mexico border.8

Wants You to Pay for Healthcare for Illegal immigrants

Beto introduced legislation to give illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded healthcare and taxpayer-funded lawyers to help illegal immigrants fight deportation.9

Supports Dangerous Sanctuary Cities

After an illegal alien who had been deported five times was arrested for killing Kate Steinle, Congress introduced mandatory jail time for criminals who re-enter the U.S. illegally. But Beto refused to support Kate’s Law and instead defends dangerous sanctuary cities like the one that protected Kate’s killer.12

A History of Shady Political Deals

Used Government Position to Enrich His Own Family

As an El Paso city councilman, Beto tried to use the government’s power of eminent domain to bulldoze a historic Hispanic neighborhood so a private real estate development group led by his father-in-law could build condos and shopping centers.13

Gave Special Crony Favors to Criminal Donor

After one of his rich campaign donors was found guilty of stealing over $250 million from American businesses in an elaborate fraud scheme, Beto intervened and asked a federal judge to reduce his donor’s prison sentence.15

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